The List - The Constructive Art of Manifestation

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The List - The Constructive Art of Manifestation (Release of Second Edition)

As many people who have faced serious health or life challenges can attest, it can be as if the carpet has been pulled out from under you. So it is also in Body Electronics when you experience a change of consciousness. All that is familiar can become foreign - relationships and jobs that no longer serve you and which you find you can no longer serve, the familiar replaced with the unfamiliar, new opportunties but also potential new traps, and karmic returns which at times seem impossible to resolve once and for all.

At these times, The List is a powerful tool to help restore/create order in your life.

Revealed to Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics, through prayer, The List is a transformational tool in its own right and the perfect companion to your personal path.

Now revised and expanded, this second edition of The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation, is printed in full colour and explores all aspects of The List, from the basics, through to deeper insights into how the Universal Laws that govern life experience operate.

Book cover for The List

In many regards, the content of our individual List represents our karma, our unresolved life experience, and therefore correct use of The List provides a means to responsibly move forward, expand our horizons, and complete that karma.

As you peruse this or other Body Electronics websites, read Dr Ray's books, or listen to his seminar tapes, you'll find countless references to The List, many of which help to contextualise it. But I only know of one place where the full story is told - The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation.

You can buy your copy here.


Outline of the Book

The book opens with the mysterious origin of The List, immediately followed by details on how to write your first List and what to include or exclude, which you can do in just a few hours.

Numerous challenges are faced while working on your List - these are covered in detail, along with the mindset you will need to be successful and advice on how to expand that mindset. You'll probably recognise many of the principles if you've studied many self-help books, things like The Law of Attraction, prioritisation, and the circles of concern and influence, although you may be surprised by how we apply some of them.

The issue of karmic completion is central to The List, as are how we deal with problems like energy leaks and learn to leverage what people variously call serendipity, synchronicity or providence.

Our motivations are important, because The List is not about the self-absorbed pursuit of getting what you want. On the other hand, you can have exactly what you want, even though some people will find they are evidently blocked by what we describe as "low havingness". At the end of the book you'll get to complete my Havingness Questionnaire if you want to assess your own Havingness Score.

In fact, you can download this questionnarie for free right now if you want a sneak preview and explanation.

I am ever amazed by the ubiquitous and manifold aspects of The List and how its daily use can underpin all our efforts to bring our chosen direction in life to fruition. Whether it be your spiritual path, your personal road to health or freedom, or just your desire to "sort out your life", The List is a profoundly potent and far-reaching tool to help you get there.

The List Online Course

Now it's an online course!

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The course covers the fundamentals of how to build, organise and use your List, and then explores increasingly deeper applications, especially relating to karmic completion. If you've got fears, here's the step-by-step method for dealing with them. If you've got pride issues, here's the step-by-step method. If you've got issues with grief, here's the step-by-step method.

There are two main reasons why the same old patterns of experience keep repeating:

  1. because we have made choices of beingness and can't let go of them, as the result of our emotional resistance to the physical fruits of our mental creative activity, and
  2. because the grand design is that we have not been created to ruin our lives and then be abandoned. Although we may have trouble seeing it or feeling continual gratitude for it, we are never alone and karma is our eternal gift of another chance to get it right this time.


Want to do more reading first?

The List has been a frequent topic intertwined in many of the anniversary messages I post annually for Dr John Whitman Ray. In particular, here's a link to the 2003 article, focussing on The List and karmic completion.

Alternately, you can read more about the release of the first edition here.

Or, follow this link to see how you can purchase a copy of The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation.



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