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Periodically I send updates out to people who have expressed an interest in either Body Electronics or other natural healing methods. I am gradually compiling them here by way of archive. If you wish to be included in future updates (don't get too excited, they don't come that often), you can subscribe by clicking on this link and pressing "send". By subscribing you are consenting to receive email updates from me, in accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (the "Anti-Spam Act"). Please be assured that I will not pass your confidential details on to any other person or company and that they will be used solely for my contact with you. You can read my full Privacy Policy here.

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Article Archive

7/3/2008 - Announcing My New Book - The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation

Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce the release of my new book, “The List – the Art of Constructive Manifestation.” For those who like to cut to the bottom line, ordering details appear at the end of this message. Hopefully everyone else is willing to beat about the bush with me for a few moments.

Those of you familiar with the healing art of Body Electronics will be well aware of The List, a tool for restoring order in our lives and for many of us our constant companion as we extract ourselves out of years of resistances and reactive patterns. As we release those resistances we become aware of a multitude of neglected items in our environment, social settings, relationships, family, and in our own mind. In many cases, these are things we have been unwilling to deal with at some stage in our life and which may have been forgotten (suppressed) or simply appeared to be too hard to deal with at the time.



4/7/2007 - The Basic Cause of Colds

Hello everyone.

You may have seen an episode of "Target" on TV last night investigating the merits and myths of natural health supplements vs. pharmaceuticals.

While some refreshing and balanced views were expressed, the general flavour was that natural products are expensive and scientifically unproven, although with frequently good "anecdotal" support.

In particular, a number of items referred to the relative efficacy of substances such as vitamin C and Echinacea as preventatives or mitigators of colds.



16/9/2005 - NZ Idle?


Please don't "turn me off", I have no particular political party to support here, just a call to look at your conscience.

I would like to point out one fatal political fallacy that we are mostly lead by; the idea of making your vote count or not wasting your vote, hence the idea of "tactical" voting. This amounts to a subliminal message, as subconsciously the majority of people prefer to be on the winning team and realise that the only way their vote will count is if they support the likely winners.

If everyone voted "tactically" the ultimate outcome would be a bunch of people elected who no-one actually wants and the perpetuation of the illusion that there is no support for minority parties. I retract that, the support of the minority party becomes exactly an illusion since no-one has supported them in deed by voting for them.



21/10/2003 - The Final Word on Genetic Engineering?

Hello everyone.

I recently appeared before a government Select Committee following a submission on the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology bill that is on its way to becoming legislation in NZ. This law relates to setting guidelines for genetic engineering of embryos to create designer babies, human cloning, etc. This on the eve of the lifting of the moratorium on genetic engineering (GE) in NZ. I therefore wish to draw your attention to an understanding of one of the basic issues in the debate that has been substantially overlooked.

The agenda of the late 20th century and the early part of this century is seemingly set by science, which is now substantially corporately owned.



26/3/2003 - War - What is it Good For?

Hello everyone.

Having just had a truly blessed wedding experience I expected that my first group email this year might be on a happier note. However, I find the matter of war demanding attention at this pivotal moment in world affairs.

America has freely chosen to enter into war upon Iraq, claiming to be justified and "without any other choice". Indeed both sides feel justified in their actions. The war has even been called a Holy War by some. There have been many so-called holy wars over the millennia, but how many of these are truly holy and is even holy war justified?

At any rate, I do not find the current conflict fitting the criteria of being holy, for this war is about pride, ego, money, greed, oil and retribution, not about any spiritual matters.



20/12/2002 - Merry Christmas to the BE World

Hi everyone.

I'm just taking a moment to thank everyone for their support of Body Electronics this past year, whether it was through attending seminars, contributing to newsletters, being a member of societies like BEINZ that are dedicated to preserving BE, enduring their own pain, confronting their own resistances, or other moral support.

Personally I'd like to give special thanks to my beautiful wife-to-be, Tess, without whose support and sacrifice I could not personally dedicate so much time to this wonderful transformational work.

2002 has been excellent for me. I have produced my first book, "Body Electronics, the Science of Regeneration - Introduction for Beginners", developed and run a new single weekend seminar to introduce new people into the world of Body Electronics, and recently had the great honour of co-teaching Doug Morrison's 5 week Instructor's Seminar in USA (what a fantastic experience and group of people that was)!

I'm not just thanking those who helped me, but everyone who helped anyone in their endeavours with Body Electronics, whether in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada, or anywhere else. It's a small planet really and anything anyone does to help another human benefits us all.

I am reminded of a recent comment made by a friend about their life's passion, "I'm not doing it just because I like it but because the work needs to be done, - I think a large part of what I'm thinking is that this has implications wider than me or the family and friends..."



29/1/2002 - Introductory Body Electronics Seminar

Hello everyone and happy new year (how did it get to be 2002 already?)

As I imagine many people have, I have a done a lot of thinking about Body Electronics in this last year since Dr Ray passed away in April. Consequently, I had taken a step back from the situation to gain some new perspective, which has resulted in my developing a new seminar format to address what I see as the key need for Body Electronics in NZ - the support of pointholding groups.

This is a single weekend "Introduction to Body Electronics" seminar that specifically addresses the key items of knowledge that a new person requires in order to start pointholding as soon as possible. Such topics are covered as the need for nutrient saturation, the definition of healing crisis, the difference between healing crisis to achieve regeneration and balance to feel good, how to prepare for a pointholding session both as a pointholder and a pointholdee, facilitation, the practical meaning and application of the scale of emotions, and the suggested lifestyle and dietary changes required to support one's spiritual growth and bodily regeneration.



6/3/2001 - High Voltage Power Cables Have Been Linked to Cancer

Hi everyone.

The following article was sent to me by Neal (thanks Neal). Unfortunately, for anyone who understands a little about electromagnetic fields, you will appreciate that undergrounding the cables will not solve the problem, since ionisation is not the only cause of the health problems which go way beyond leukaemia to include birth defects and a number of other disorders that occur at all ages.

The fields radiating from an electric power line have two components:

  • an electric field which is easily stopped by even small shielding such as house walls (some people with a steel roof can earth their roof to provide protection in most but not all cases), and secondly,
  • a magnetic field which cannot be shielded in any way shape or form, not even by solid lead. Magnetic fields, at best, can only be focussed into a smaller more intense area (the exact principle used in a transformer's iron core).

Thus undergrounding the cables would reduce the electrical component of the fields (as well as any ionisation which might be occurring in air), but not affect the magnetic field component.




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