Introductory Body Electronics Seminar

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Article Archive - 29/1/2002

Hello everyone and happy new year (how did it get to be 2002 already?)

As I imagine many people have, I have a done a lot of thinking about Body Electronics in this last year since Dr Sir John Whitman Ray passed away in April. Consequently, I had taken a step back from the situation to gain some new perspective, which has resulted in my developing a new seminar format to address what I see as the key need for Body Electronics in NZ - the support of pointholding groups.

This is a single weekend "Introduction to Body Electronics" seminar that specifically addresses the key items of knowledge that a new person requires in order to start pointholding as soon as possible. Such topics are covered as the need for nutrient saturation, the definition of healing crisis, the difference between healing crisis to achieve regeneration and balance to feel good, how to prepare for a pointholding session both as a pointholder and a pointholdee, facilitation, the practical meaning and application of the scale of emotions, and the suggested lifestyle and dietary changes required to support one's spiritual growth and bodily regeneration.

At the end of this weekend and as part of the course price, the attendees have a course manual (Body Electronics, the Science of Regeneration - Introduction for Beginners) to help tie things together, have a full set of iris-sclera photos, know why they should arrange a professional consultation, and can start pointholding as soon as they're nutritionally prepared. The weekend is preceded by a free public talk and the weekend can be used to start a new pointholding group in your area from amongst the seminar attendees.

Prior experience is not required but is a definite bonus. To continue the enthusiasm and keep the key principles top of mind, people wishing to repeat this seminar will pay less than half price. The object is to give people every reason to come back again and again to revisit the very basics. It is my firm belief after 7 years in Body Electronics that it is attention to these basics that paves the way to unlimited progress more than anything else.

In Auckland I will be using these seminars as an entry prerequisite for pointholding and consultation. No single consultation can cover the material I will be covering in this weekend and yet the material needs to be covered. The Patient's Guide to Body Electronics, the Ray Programme and Healing Crisis audio tapes can help bridge the gap but a single weekend seminar provides a compact format requiring minimal research effort for those interested in finding out more about Body Electronics and who want to start now. Therefore these intro weekends will be held on a regular basis to maintain continuity and availability of pointholding.

Mental, emotional, and physical preparation are a must for progress towards perfection.

When the demand is high enough, more advanced seminars will be made available.

You will see from the attached flyer that the first weekend is 9+10 February, with pointholding (2 sessions) on Sunday 24 February. Act now if you wish to attend. The next weekend is 16+17 March, followed by pointholding on Sunday 24 March.

I have sent this email to people outside the Auckland area with the suggestion that if you see the potential for this seminar to kickstart pointholding in your area, then make contact with me now to discuss the possibility of coming to your area to run this weekend and support your new group however I can.

In Love, Light, and Perfection,
"I AM"
Graham Bennett


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