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Categories of Membership

I have created this members-only area for specialist users of the Healthy Being website, which include patients and students. This includes access to an Online Body Electronics Course, which is currently in development.

I have endeavoured to provide a great deal of free publicly accessible information about Body Electronics as a service to Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics, and as an introduction to this incredible world of knowledge.

However, Dr Ray was often heard to quote, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing," meaning that too much information for an insufficiently experienced or trained person can cause more harm than it prevents.

Consider it another way: giving a person more than they are ready to carry is a burden for them.


Why Would I Want to Be a Member?

As alluded to above, there is much more that can be appropriately offered to a dedicated individual, who is more than a casual visitor to the site or a curiosity seeker.

Over time, I am building on the educational resources I have provided to support patients who need additional information as they pursue their own path to health and wellbeing, particularly recognising how daunting it can appear when first becoming aware of a whole new paradigm of thinking. I find this often occurs following a consultation, particularly a Body Electronics consultation, where more knowledge is required than can be mentally assimilated in one go.

Students also have special needs - a structured building-block approach to their learning, rather than simply accruing a miscellaneous collection of facts in random order, such as might be garnered by browsing even a well-organised website.


Instructions to Gain Access to the Consultation Area

The Consultation Area is a members-only part of the Healthy Being website specifically for those people who have already made arrangements with me for a Body Electronics consultation. Here you will be directed through several reading assignments, followed by quizzes to test your understanding. The purpose of completing these assignments is to prepare you for the consultation so you get the most out of it and to save you time and money. You'll also find a confidential questionnaire to download, which you will need to complete before seeing me. The assignments are also the foundations of the online Body Electronics Course, which is being added to over time.

Apply for entry to the consultation area.


Instructions to Gain Access to the Patient Area

The Patient Area is a second level members-only part of the Healthy Being website that caters to the additional needs of patients (people who have already had a Body Electronics consultation). Resources include supplement FAQs and some general advice regarding recognising and responding to signs of healing crisis. A particular emphasis is on preparation for pointholding. There is also a further series of assignments that build on those completed in the Consultation Area, as the next stage of the online Body Electronics Course.

At this time I will only consider granting access to existing patients, being those people with whom I have had an in-person consultation. In this case, you can apply for Patient Membership by simply sending me an email with your request.


Instructions to Gain Access to the Student Area

The Student Area is the third level members-only part of the Healthy Being website. This area will house the remainder of the online Body Electronics Course.

As this area is under development I will not be accepting any requests for student membership at this time.



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