War - What is it Good For?

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Article Archive - 26/3/2003

Hello everyone.

Having just had a truly blessed wedding experience I expected that my first group email this year might be on a happier note. However, I find the matter of war demanding attention at this pivotal moment in world affairs.

America has freely chosen to enter into war upon Iraq, claiming to be justified and "without any other choice". Indeed both sides feel justified in their actions. The war has even been called a Holy War by some. There have been many so-called holy wars over the millennia, but how many of these are truly holy and is even holy war justified?

At any rate, I do not find the current conflict fitting the criteria of being holy, for this war is about pride, ego, money, greed, oil and retribution, not about any spiritual matters.

A war that seeks to protect or restore freedom of choice to people, lovingly conducted and according to God's Will may be a holy war. I expect many will grapple with the concept of lovingly conducting war. On a smaller scale by way of illustration, is it possible to lovingly discipline a child? While more love may be required in the case of war, the principle is the same. Discipline/war...child/country...without love and forgiveness neither act can be considered holy.

Any war that seeks to limit the religious or other rights of one people because of the religious or other beliefs of another cannot be deemed holy. Thus the Crusades of the Middle Ages were not truly holy by this standard since religious intolerance and the desire to convert "barbarians" to "believers" were the motives.

There are Biblical examples of wars that may fit the criteria of being holy, but a war that seeks to deny freedom or that is an act of revenge, appeasement, or for individual gain is not holy, no matter what God's name is used to justify it. Invocation of God's name for an unholy purpose is in fact using God's name in vain.

One historical example that may be closer to being a holy war is the War of Independence between America and England that eventually resulted in the foundation of the Constitution of the United States. Regardless of any corruption of the principles and interpretation placed upon it subsequently, the Constitution in its original form is a truly holy and perfect document, as it guarantees the freedoms and sovereign rights of all men. The document was written by men devoted to their cause who were clearly inspired and sustained by God in their mission.

The Constitution has only fallen into disrepute through distortions of interpretation and the corruption of men who have sought to use it for their own purposes rather than the collective good or by those who wish to destroy it, recognising that freedom of the many impinges upon the selfish profits of the few.

At this time when America is in the spotlight and its government is acting without the unanimous mandate of its people, garnering support from the international community in order to make war seem to be a legal or moral act, let us spare a thought of forgiveness for this country. Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are prime virtues that we have learned about in Body Electronics and through many religions. Let us show this forgiveness to America now.

America, regardless of personal opinions and how easy it is to be cynical, is clearly a blessed land. Her people were chosen and made the effort required to institute that God-given Constitution. America needs our forgiveness, mercy, love and support now. Not support to continue an unholy war, but support to find the inner strength to find forgiveness in its own heart and cease this war now.

Do the Iraqis "deserve" war (military and civilians - men, women, aged and children - alike)? Do the men and women of the American armed forces deserve to die "for their country"?

We do not need to choose sides or hold opinions as to what either side should do next or who deserves what, for this judgment is not ours to make. Both sides require our forgiveness and must simply be given every opportunity to stop infringing on the rights and freedoms of others. There are means other than war.

The whys and wherefores may seem complex, yet our own personal action simple. All we must do is forgive and have faith that all is Perfect Divine Order as we focus on our internal harmony in this time of outer turmoil. Do not be drawn into the turmoil, for then you become one with it. Know that your inner harmony is a powerful force to produce outer harmony. Forgive America and have faith in her Constitution and people to act appropriately.

In Love, Light, and Perfection,
"I AM"
Graham Bennett


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