Why Hold Points?

Graham Bennett
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"Why not?" - John Whitman Ray

This article first appeared in "BE Now", the Canadian Body Electronics newsletter, in 2002. The assertion had been made in a previous newsletter that Body Electronics was a barbaric method and the question asked, "Why hold points?" The question is pertinent because there is no shortage of healing techniques out there and on the face of it the idea of re-experiencing suppressed pain does not at all appeal to many people.

We've all suppressed pain and other intense emotionality we've been unable to deal with at a particular time and for a multiplicity of reasons. These events have occurred throughout our life: times we've fallen off our bike, lost a favourite toy, been hurt by a friend, an illness or injury, hurt pride, bruised ego, even the trauma of our own birth, etc.

It is hard to say if one event could be considered more traumatic than another in the context of what's happening right now - during times of trauma or suffering there is frequently little or no perspective on the other events in our life, be they considered good or bad.


And so let me preface this article by stating that the following applies to all of us, myself included and is written for our mutual benefit and understanding in this area that we may all recognise that in pointholding we have the keys to our physical, emotional, and mental freedom, leading to spiritual progress. Let us not miss the opportunity we have before us at this present time while the opportunity is still available.

Therefore let me begin by categorically stating that there are many paths to God and One Path.

The statement has been made that pointholding is not necessary. On this point I will agree with a small proviso: in the eternal scheme of things let us realise that there are two mistakes we can make, the first being to try and move on before we have mastered what’s in front of us, the second one being not to move on once we have already mastered our current project. Wisdom is knowing which category we fit into and then acting appropriately.

If we look back on our past with discerning eyes, we will see a path strewn with the debris of poor decisions resulting from our intellectual pride in thinking we were somewhere we weren’t.

If pointholding is barbaric then first let us fully appreciate our own barbarism as we have dealt with other human beings in various less-than-love manners over the years. If we are honest with ourselves, we will see the inhumanity with which we have dealt other human beings.

The pain we experience during pointholding is not from the pressure applied to a point on the body, it is the release of that pain already lying quiescent or suppressed within us. It just so happens that without applying pressure to that point so that the crystal is stressed and dissolves, the majority of us are not sufficiently capable of accessing the full memory of our suppressed pain in any other way.

I have experienced and witnessed a great many sessions of Body Electronics using advanced facilitation techniques with no physical pointholding at all that have accessed this pain and it is every bit as brutal and barbaric as pointholding in terms of the intensity of the emotionality and physicality experienced. May I say it again, the true barbarism is within us, not the technique used to release it.

It is not the technique that is barbaric, but rather the darkness of mind into which we have allowed ourselves to sink, through our continued choice not to love the experiences of life and the people around us.

Let us then, in our progression in Body Electronics, ask ourselves the question, “Where am I at?” If we have not yet mastered our minds, emotions, and body to the stage where we can hold our body still and experience the full content of our emotionality and physicality on the mental level, suppressing nothing, then let us continue pointholding until such time as we can.

If we have already learnt to hold our bodies and tongues still when the various reactive patterns within urge us to move or speak involuntarily and if we have learnt to accept responsibility for our deeds and misdeeds and have made amends where possible, attending to our List on a daily basis, then let us learn to begin to move beyond pointholding as the method of accessing suppressed reactivity.

However, let us at all times not fall into the trap of self-deception, believing we are ready to go beyond the simple when we are not. Let us not point to the barbarism we perceive outside ourselves while not acknowledging and dealing constructively with the barbarism within.

To be more specific, we hold points because:

Finally, alongside our desire to progress without pointholding, let us consider our resistance to holding points. Let us each decide for ourselves what our motivation is in this matter and act according to our conscience.

Blessings to you all.

In Love, Light, and Perfection
“I AM”
Graham Bennett


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