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The purpose of a consultation is to obtain your health history and identify relevant nutritional, environmental or lifestyle factors that could be supportive of, or adverse to, your health.

Diagnostic methods may include Iris-Sclera examination (eye reading), physical observation and/or standard clinical physical examination procedures such as blood pressure or referral for laboratory testing of blood.

Hair mineral analysis for allergies, nutritional deficiency or mineral toxicity is also available.


Naturopathic Consultations

Time required: Approximately 1 hour initial visit, with 30 minute follow-ups.

Health history, diet and lifestyle are reviewed and diagnostic tests administered or ordered as required. The focus is on nutrition needs and possible lifestyle changes to enhance health. A range of other naturopathic remedies or techniques may be considered, as appropriate.

Email to arrange a consultation


Body Electronics Consultations

Time required: Approximately 2 hour initial visit, with 30 minute follow-ups.

The focus expands upon the ground covered during a naturopathic consultation and includes a more extensive eye reading to identify an appropriate sequence of points to hold for Body Electronics pointholding and special nutrition requirements to support pointholding. Eye photos (iris and sclera of each eye) may be taken as required for more in depth analysis and as a quantitative measure of progress.

In order to work within the suggested timeframe, some preparation for the consultation is required. This will require you to log in to the members-only area of this website and complete a series of reading assignments and quizzes. Instructions will guide you through the process of obtaining a password and completing the assignments.

Email to arrange a consultation



Time required: Usually open-ended, as rate of completion of points depends on many factors such as preparation and willingness to lovingly and willingly endure all re-experienced memory.

I firmly believe that the best experience of pointholding comes from both holding points as well as having your points held. We sometimes have a co-operative group running for this purpose, where people can take turns in both roles. However I am also available to hold points on an hourly rate basis, should this suit better.

Prerequisites for pointholding include a full Body Electronics consultation, completion of the programmed readings and quizzes on this website, and other intellectual preparation as listed below, or other study in the field of Body Electronics. Acceptance for pointholding will be at my sole discretion.

Contact me to discuss whether you are ready for pointholding


Acceptable Intellectual Preparation for Pointholding

A combination of the following methods of preparation would be ideal.

  1. Body Electronics - Introduction for Beginners course manual by Graham Bennett
  2. Introductory Body Electronics Weekend seminar
  3. Programmed readings and quizzes on this website
  4. The Ray Programme (2 audio tapes by Dr Ray)
  5. The Healing Crisis (2 audio tapes by Dr Ray)
  6. Patient’s Guide to Body Electronics (book by Dr Ray)
  7. How We Heal (book by Dr Douglas Morrison)


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