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Having spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world myself, I recognised the need for more information about natural healing methods applicable to employees, their friends and families. I had a number of clients who were associates in my workplace and it became evident that there are people in all walks of life increasingly looking for alternatives to drugs and doctors.

To educate employees in their options and new perspectives on health I have developed a series of classes to use in a corporate or business setting. These are ideal to supplement your Human Resources activities and help your business fulfil its requirements to ACC for Health and Safety in the workplace.

In addition, as there is a practical component to each class, attendees often learn valuable tips to improve their own health immediately, which may help reduce sick days and improve productivity and morale.

I conduct all of my classes with a lively sense of humour. I believe that when people are being entertained and the subject is being kept light, no matter how serious, they learn and retain more. With a history in acting and public speaking, a fun education is assured.

Classes are 1 - 1.5 hours long and can be run separately or as a series. Current classes include:


Natural Health Basics

An introduction to natural healing methods and philosophies of healing.


Identification of sources, causes and prevention of stress and stress coping methods.


Alternate views on the cause and prevention of illness and simple tips to enhance health.

Dental Health

A surprising review of the association of dental problems with other health problems and how the correct treatment of one can enhance the other.

Humane Nutrition

A look beyond the Food Pyramid into the value of many other nutritional factors.

Natural Weight Loss

The key to achieving a healthy weight lies in natural methods to strengthen metabolism and eliminative processes, not in calorie restriction.

The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation

Methods for getting what you want out of life abound, but surprisingly few ever pause to reflect on what would be for your highest and best good - this is a companion class to my book The List – The Art of Constructive Manifestation


Other classes are in development and may be tailor-made to your specific requirements upon request.

In addition, I can also provide a range of other naturopathic services to your employees to further support their desire for ideal health, happiness and wellbeing. These include health counselling, simple diagnostic procedures and treatment and can be conducted in the workplace if desired.

Hear what previous attendees have said:

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