Body Electronics

The Science of Bodily Regeneration

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What is Body Electronics?

Contrary to what may be suggested by the name, Body Electronics, there are no gadgets or electrical devices used. The name simply refers to the innate electrical or electronic nature of the body and the method and benefits of removing the blockages and alterations to the flow of nerve impulses and other forms of communication in the body.

How this all works can be a lifelong study, so here are some simple ways of looking at it.


A short explanation

A fundamental premise of Body Electronics is that most of us carry a measure of suppressed emotionality from past traumatic experiences into the present. This suppressed emotionality manifests in the physical body and is stored there in the form of crystals in many body tissues. These crystals interfere with nerve communication and cellular nutrition and impede regenerative processes in the body.

Improper emotional expression thus becomes a lasting insult to any injury and may itself be the source of future health problems. In Body Electronics we say, “What you resist persists.” In other words, resisting an experience of life compounds the problem and may cause it to persist when it might otherwise cease.

Body Electronics provides a method for locating and dissolving these crystals and for appropriately dealing with the accompanying healing crisis and the suppressed emotionality released from the dissolving crystals so that the crystals do not return.

This involves a unique method of sustained acupressure (pointholding) and client facilitation to allow the safe release and re-experience of old traumas, both emotional and physical. The result is freedom from compulsive behaviour patterns, improved health as the emotional and physical blockages are removed, and the ability to instil new patterns of constructive action in one’s life.

Body Electronics is client-based and gives you the tools and help to produce the benefits you need.

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So, what's "Electronic" about the body?

The human body contains an elaborate electro-chemical communication system consisting of electrical nerve transmission, chemical ion transport and fluid movement. This is the body’s electronic network.

Additionally, all processes and structures in the physical body are governed by electrical entrainment from an energetic blueprint called the morphogenetic field, which energetically dictates how each part of the DNA will be expressed or suppressed. The morphogenetic field thus contains the pattern of perfection for our body as well as various overlays of imperfection caused by our emotional and mental resistance to the various events we experience in life as traumas. We thus recognise that the body is literally a product of the mind. Shakespeare said it this way: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Traumas of all kinds, including emotional traumas, affect the morphogenetic field by causing blockages in it that manifest in the physical body as organic crystals full of the encoded memory of the suppressed trauma. These crystals impede the body’s natural intelligence and communication such that healing and regeneration cannot occur.

Body Electronics is a method of dissolving these crystals in the body and blockages in the morphogenetic field through a unique form of sustained acupressure called pointholding, nutrient saturation and constructive emotional release. Forgotten traumatic experiences are recalled to the conscious mind as the crystals are dissolved through the application of persistent pressure within the framework of simple and yet far-reaching principles that precisely and specifically govern the operation of the mind, body and emotions and their influence on health and well-being.

Regeneration to an unprecedented extent is therefore possible. Even so-called incurable diseases are within the ability of the mind to heal. It will be seen that all healing comes from within and from above. Consciousness change at deeply profound levels is another benefit. Body Electronics provides the means to access the deeply suppressed traumas that unknowingly influence our existence so they may be released.

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What is Pointholding?

Pointholding is one of the main therapeutic aspects of Body Electronics. It usually involves applying finger pressure to a region of the body with the intention of helping dissolve crystals underlying that area.

It is sometimes called "sustained acupressure" because the pressure may be applied for several hours in many cases and many of the points where pressure is applied correspond with acupressure points.

The crystals block nerve supply, therefore dissolving the crystals helps the body heal, often in quite wonderfully unexpected ways.

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Benefits of Pointholding

The potential benefits of pointholding are practically limitless, at the least insofar as the body is capable of regenerating itself. In most cases the barrier to regeneration is that proper, effective and accurate nerve supply is blocked or hampered by the presence of crystals that have manifested as a result of suppression of trauma.

Removing these blockages means that all problems in the body associated with poor nerve supply can be improved, assuming one also has the correct nutritional factors in place and effective blood circulation.

While it is not currently legal (or wise) to make any healing claims for diagnosed medical conditions, consider the potential benefit to you of improving the function of your nervous system and other communication channels when practically every part of your body is regulated by your nervous system.

The benefits of Body Electronics are not limited to physical ones (although these are often a wonderful blessing to the individual and a principal motivation for many people to get involved). There are a great many social, emotional and spiritual benefits also - greater inner peace, more clarity and calmness in relationship issues, increased capacity to be constructive in your life, and many more.

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Consciousness Change

Dissolving crystals is important. But beyond dissolving crystals there is also consciousness change, perhaps the key potential benefit of pointholding. Consciousness change occurs when you decide - it can't be done for you, but on the other hand, you can't change consciousness until you've dealt with your resistances. "What you resist persists," remember?

What Body Electronics and pointholding provides is a way of getting in touch with the suppressed traumas and more importantly, the mental attitudes behind them. These attitudes are mental habits of thinking - a resisted state of consciousness, where there is little true mental freedom.

Thus, patterns repeat over and over in your life - same old relationship issues, same old financial or security situations, same old social experiences,  same old health issues, etc. Body Electronics teaches us that these patterns cannot be changed until we confront our own resistances and only then can we choose a new, freer and more flexible state of being. This is what Healthy Being is all about.

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What else can you tell me about Body Electronics?

As you read on, you will discover more about why we hold points (pointholding), an explanation of true healing, why resistance is such a big issue, the importance of memory, the true nature of trauma, and finally, how to make practical the most import and elusive aspect of Body Electronics and consciousness change, duality and the encompassment of duality.

Follow the navigation bars below to begin exploring these topics.

Or, you can read more about Body Electronics in my book, BE for Beginners, or Dr Morrison's excellent Body Electronics book, How We Heal.




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