Dr Sir John Whitman Ray Anniversary Message

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Hello everyone.

Each year at this time I write a note to commemorate the life of Dr John Whitman Ray, who died on April 21, 2001.  The purpose of these is not to reflect on the greatness of the man, but rather the greatness of various principles taught by him, which may have an application to us today.

What, for example, would Dr Ray think of the so-called global economic crisis?  Well, a certain part of him would relish any crisis.  I have a vivid memory of a cyclone warning during a pointholding intensive on a farm in Kerikeri, where John was living at the time. John was giving us hourly updates of how much rain we could expect, the projected force of the cyclone and the flood risk, punctuated with advice about where to store perishable goods and belongings, evacuation plans, and stories of previous weather incidents.  In my own healing crisis at the time, I was dismally ready to be swept away by the deluge (probably any disaster would have sufficed), which never eventuated.  Yes, he enjoyed a good disaster, or at least the portent of one.

Not that the disaster itself would be something to savour but all such global (or local) events were a clear sign to John of movements or lack of movement in the collective consciousness of man, which some will recognise to be one of his primary concerns.  Each of us who has experienced Body Electronics to any great extent will be well aware that the body heals and circumstances of one's life change as one's own consciousness changes.  When there is no consciousness change there may be a degree of healing caused by the influence of energy or matter upon the body – this would include diet, supplements, the power of visualisation, and nature-made remedies of all forms – but nothing like the scale of what may occur when consciousness does change.  Why is this?

When consciousness changes the primary cause is removed and the body will naturally gravitate to a higher state of being.  When consciousness does not change the cause remains and any apparent higher state of being can only be maintained by continual effort against the continual influence of that limiting cause arising from within.  So is it in the world around us.

Further, when there is a natural disaster or a global economic crisis, primarily those who are subject to it are affected, meaning that some people simply are not subject to it because it is neither in their karma or consciousness to be the effect of that thing.  Consider the example of an individual who carries within them an overwhelming fear of loss.  This person is often motivated by their fear into continual activity to prevent that loss and in fact may not experience it because of their outer efforts and yet this glitch in their consciousness is not resolved and remains somewhat like a ticking time bomb. 

Another person may have a similar fear but not being as effective (or fortunate) in their actions experiences loss after loss and continues to carry the same reactive glitch.  Regardless of the loss occurring or not, both individuals are in fact subject to the same forces; it's just that one is slightly better able to work around the limitation than the other.  In particular, when circumstances arrange themselves collectively on a larger scale, according to the influence of many submerged reactive patterns, even the most adept individuals carrying this glitch may find themselves struggling. There are of course also those without this glitch.

We live in such times, where the greed of a few (quite possibly born out of their own resistance to loss) has resulted in a great deal of loss. We may also note that many are doing extremely well out of all this – people with money or those who can borrow it cheaply to buy goods (or companies) at fire-sale prices and with less competition in the market. While our attention may be drawn to the loss aspect we may also consider the gains quietly going on simultaneously.

I do not believe that any global events are random, an economic event in particular, where people of otherwise sound judgement have been so blinded by identification with their own reactivity as to not see the consequences of their actions and inactions coming.  Am I talking about bankers or other financial experts?  Not necessarily.  I'm talking about us.  Every stock market share sold at a loss was bought by someone else hoping to make a profit.  Who can we blame if we spend more than we can afford on something of poor intrinsic value that goes sour?  I trust this does not sound too unsympathetic, but we can't all stand on the same swing bridge hoping for the same view and expect it to support everyone. 

People have created the so-called crisis, not only through their actions but also through the thoughts, feelings and words they put out into the environment, for all three of these have creative influences.  The world is merely conforming.  We don't, however, have to be subject to a crisis simply because it's happening around us.

So, where does our own consciousness sit amongst all this?  In what ways can we expose or deal with our own resistances to loss, our greed, our desire to elevate ourselves at someone else's expense?  In what ways are we applying principles of unity, equity in transactions of all types (by which I mean an equal willingness to be at either end of any arrangement) and prudence?  Actions are important, but not the whole of the picture.  As I said before, an effort against a continual influence can be of some benefit, but it is not the “end game”. 

Undoing that continual influence should be our primary concern.  This is why we need to concern ourselves with Right Action, because when we start to do the right things for the right reason then all such inner influences (our reactive patterns that form the continual influence) become exposed to our conscious mind.  When we can do a thing in such a way as to bring all our resistance to it to the surface and then lovingly and willingly endure that healing crisis then we can begin to become free of it.

What else might we observe from the existence of an outer crisis?  There is the possibility that this is a healing crisis, caused by the expansion of Light and if it’s not a healing crisis yet it can soon be made into one with the correct attitude.  If we consider where economic affairs exist on the Scale of Emotions, it is at Fear, the level of security-mindedness and concern for economic survival.  The healing crisis thus arises out of an expansion of the Light (where Light has previously been excluded), which creates an outer manifestation of its opposite to satisfy the Law of Inertia.  In other words, when somebody is doing it right (against their programming) an outer appearance of wrong materialises to attempt to preserve the status quo; that is, the universe resists change (at least until the creative forces are withdrawn).  This isn't a bad thing, it's just how things work around here.  If you resist the effect of the introduction of Light where there is darkness, then you perpetuate the darkness.  Maybe think of it as a little test of our commitment to the Light. 

Alternately, when we hold a point and the crystal dissolves the release of the suppressed energy inside causes the manifestations of healing crisis – this is the Law of Attraction now operating.  If we resist this manifestation then the healing crisis cannot complete and neither can the crystal stay dissolved.  Likewise with an external crisis – if we resist it we perpetuate it; if we embrace it lovingly and willingly it can complete as a healing process, as we become the transmuting instrument of God, the path by which Light may enter a darkened sphere.  So, any crisis may be a disease crisis or a healing crisis, entirely depending on how we deal with it; if we bring in the greater Light and Love it is transmutational – if we resist it then it moves further downscale.

So, a vortex of collective unconsciousness exists in the form of an economic crisis – will you allow yourself to be sucked in, fight it, or be free of it?  Only the last of these three options is evolutionary, because to identify with a thing or to fight (resist) it are both to be bound to it and to magnify it.  The effect of such a vortex upon people will vary tremendously from person to person, depending upon their own unique state of consciousness and each affected person may be freed to some extent by a change of consciousness, fortunately of someone else's if not their own, hence the great service we can perform for others in overcoming our programming.

So, what might John have told us?  When there’s a big fire over there grabbing our attention, we must eventually withdraw that attention to whatever creative influence exists within ourselves, because that we can change and the outer will conform.  It's as simple as that.

We can use Body Electronics to access our reactive patterns and inner creative essence but even without the opportunity for pointholding, we all have the opportunity to be constructive in our actions and thus similarly expose and overcome those same reactive patterns.  This is where The List comes in.  If it's been a while, re-read chapter 11 of book 1 of the Logic in Sequence series by Dr Ray.  Or, if you have a mind to, get a hold of my own book, “The List – The Art of Constructive Manifestation”.

We may wish to consider that any so-called crisis is still Perfect Divine Order, whether we perceive why or not.  So, like all healing crises, there's nothing for it but to lovingly and willingly endure it while continuing to work on ourselves.  So again, John, we thank you for bringing these principles to our attention.

In Love, Light, and Perfection,
"I AM"
Graham Bennett


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