Graham Bennett
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Facilitation is the art/science of helping a person who is having their points held during Body Electronics pointholding navigate through their own memories that have been submerged in a lifetime of resistance. However, unlike many practitioner-based modalities, in Body Electronics it is not the facilitator or practitioner who does the work or who is important, but the person having their points held. In many ways the facilitator is more of a mirror than a navigator.

Facilitator: “Someone who makes things easier”; not “someone who does it for us.”

It has often been said by Dr Ray that, "There will never be a book written about facilitation." We cling to the technicality of him not having mentioned websites.

As soon as facilitation is defined as one thing or a method prescribed then it becomes dead because in reality what should be done in any moment is what needs to be done and nothing else, but that cannot be adequately described ahead of time or approached solely as a "method".

Individual Responsibility

I believe we are here for the purpose of spiritual evolution, requiring that we acknowledge individual responsibility for our own situation. How can we uncreate a given situation without first acknowledging that it was we who created it? Here we define “Responsibility” to include ‘willingness to simultaneously be the cause and effect of each experience’.

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
(John 8:32)

Belief is not truth. Our ability to perceive accurately is determined by our chosen beliefs or judgements and these beliefs have become the foundation for emotional resistances that block memory. While emotional resistance remains there is only partial memory. Without memory there can be no accurate perception of the past or the present.

(John Whitman Ray)

The mental level is the level of cause and creation; the physical level is the level of effect. Therefore, the above statement can be paraphrased: Until we can remember and assume responsibility for our causative role in that which we have already created, we will be bound to perceiving ourselves as the effect of our world.

By creating (being cause) or choosing to re-experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level (the effect), we take away all resistance to the experience and can therefore choose to be cause or effect (or neither). We are then free to encompass duality and perceive truthfully.

Body Electronics teaches us how to do this reliably.

Basic Principles of Facilitation

  1. See what the pointholdee is already doing and help them do it better.
  2. See what the pointholdee is not doing yet and help them do that as well.

To expand any further at this point would be inappropriate without first hand experience of pointholding. Nonetheless, this should serve as an adequate introduction to the purpose and nature of facilitation in a Body Electronics context.

To find out more your next step would be to arrange a consultation or attend an Introductory Body Electronics Seminar.




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