Announcing My New Book: The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation

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Article Archive - 7/3/2008

Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce the release of my new book, “The List – The Art of Constructive Manifestation.” For those who like to cut to the bottom line, ordering details appear at the end of this message. Hopefully everyone else is willing to beat about the bush with me for a few moments.

Those of you familiar with the healing art of Body Electronics will be well aware of The List, a tool for restoring order in our lives and for many of us our constant companion as we extract ourselves out of years of resistances and reactive patterns. As we release those resistances we become aware of a multitude of neglected items in our environment, social settings, relationships, family, and in our own mind. In many cases, these are things we have been unwilling to deal with at some stage in our life and which may have been forgotten (suppressed) or simply appeared to be too hard to deal with at the time. Consequently, when we take a hard honest look at our past and our present and begin to look into what our path into the future may hold we see areas of uncertainty, confusion, guilt, regret, mistakes, hopes, aspirations and lessons we dearly would like to finally learn.

After a lifetime, often, of limited or unpredictable success we may wonder how we can do something different to produce a different and more constructive, desirable outcome. The List is such a method.

The List was revealed to Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics, in answer to prayer in 1963. Since that time Dr Ray taught it to a great many people, privately and publicly. He devoted a chapter to The List in his landmark book, The Laws of Perfection (Book 1 of the Logic in Sequence series), and refers to it frequently throughout his written works. Here is what he says about it on page 171 of Book 1:

“The List was shown to me to be the most important item we can place our attention upon to reconstruct our lives and bring order into existence out of the disorder we have created.”

My own path has been a little different. Having worked in the Corporate world for over two decades (in parallel with 14 years of Body Electronics and 8 years of Naturopathy) I have been exposed to and been trained in a rather substantial number of “systems for doing stuff” – manifestation models, project planning models, Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (which is certainly one of the best out there), Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers ad infinitum, all with their own take on the keys to success. I have to admit they all have something going for them and clearly they have helped numerous people in various ways to get what they want. More recently, “The Secret” has been firing people’s imaginations and creating a buzz in many circles.

With what I know about The List, I find myself querying the value of any system, tool, model or method that helps us get what we want without once stopping to ask whether or not what we want is what we most need. How are the questions of responsibility and constructive action handled? What makes a given method cultivate more than a self-centred, “I want what I want, so how do I get it” attitude?

I believe one of the greatest things any of us will ever discover is the deep fundamental unity of all people – no not just all people – a deep fundamental unity of ourselves with everyone and everything else in the universe and indeed beyond it. Sure, there are a hundred ways to get what we want, but is getting exclusively what we want the ultimate purpose of our existence? I think not. In fact, I believe that the continual focus on fulfilling our needs eventually places us diametrically opposed to the fullness of what we can Be, Do or Have. There is a time for fulfilling our needs and wants to be certain, but it is all too easy to be seduced by the pursuit of outer or even inner desires at the cost of considering our individual or collective responsibilities. We might ponder whether there is an unseen price tag for the fulfilment of certain desires.

So, I present you with my contribution, “The List – The Art of Constructive Manifestation”. This 150 page book in a compact A5 format is primarily written for the average person. You don’t have to be a student of Body Electronics to appreciate the simplicity of The List, but the relationship of The List to many of the key principles you may be aware of through Body Electronics is explored and gradually developed over 31 chapters.

To that end, the book is written to be complete at any time after the first 12 chapters, which all deal with the most simple and fundamental aspects of The List. After that I go into a progressively deeper expansion of the inner workings of The List, including programming and emotionality, our circles of influence and concern, creative visualisation, energy leaks, karma and karmic completion, encompassing duality and desireless desire, and the five virtues, topics a Body Electronics student may appreciate more.

Order your copy today for NZ$35 plus post and packing.

I also have a 1-2 hour presentation with slides that I am available to present to interested groups that wish to learn about the basics of The List in person. So if you know anyone who may be interested…

I leave the final words to Dr Ray:

“To search for things beyond our grasp is fantasy
When that which lies within our reach we see
Has not yet been completed, yet holds the key
To that which through Right Action ours will be.
The simplest things in life will make us free”

"The Laws of Perfection” – John Whitman Ray

In Love, Light and Perfection
Graham Bennett


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