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About the Links on This Page

I have assembled a concise list of useful links in three categories:

  1. Body Electronics - sites that are either dedicated to Body Electronics or of direct relevance.
  2. Associations - organisations whose aims and objects are compatible with Body Electronics.
  3. Other - other resources that Body Electronics students may find useful.

As you can imagine, I cannot take responsibility for the content of these sites or give them a direct endorsement, but I do endeavour to keep an eye on them to ensure they remain relevant. If you find any problems, please feel free to report them to me.

Body Electronics


Enzymes International (supplier of supplements used on the Ray Programme)

Dr Douglas Morrison (How We Heal author and Body Electronics practitioner)

John Hutchison (Body Electronics practitioner)

Illia Lang (Body Electronics practitioner)



NZ Charter of Health Practitioners (over-arching organisation of natural health practitioners in NZ)

NZ Health Trust (information on protecting freedom of choice of health supplements, as well as information on Genetic Engineering)

OrganicNZ (organic food and farming)

Soil and Health Library (out of print books)

Building Biology and Ecology Institute (sustainable eco-building practice)

International Natural Hygiene Society (information on Natural Hygiene and Dr Herbert Shelton)

Fluoride Action Network (New Zealand-specific information on water fluoridation)

Health Freedom New Zealand (advocacy and action group defending consumer rights to make health care decisions)

Immunisation Awareness Society of New Zealand (presents both sides of the debate for and against vaccination)

Saint Germain Foundation (the "I AM" Activity of Saint Germain)

Self-Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda)



Bach Flower Remedies

Maria Middlestead (author and creative nutritionist)

Fishpond (online bookstore in New Zealand and Australia for great health classics and more)

Kessinger Publishing (reprints of rare out-of-print books whose copyrights have expired)

How to order the Pink Kit Package


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