12 Points on Grainfields Products

Dr John Whitman Ray
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To all my students of Health and Truth, friends and interested people: It is with pleasure that I present to you “Twelve Points on Grainfields Products” which is a concise, comprehensive and helpful means of explanation as to why one would profit healthwise in using Grainfields Products.


Point 1

The first problem we have had to confront in restoring health to the people is the problem concerning poor digestion. The physical body is born with a certain amount of enzymes to maintain health and vitality. When these enzymes are depleted in the physical body the body becomes diseased and gradually expires. One must maintain a constant enzyme supply through proper food intake that one may maintain and regain good health and vitality.

In this "civilisation", due to improper eating habits, we have knowingly or unknowingly reached a point where our bodies are severely depleted of enzymes. The long standing intake of processed and devitalised foods, and the continual intake of cooked food wherein all enzymes are destroyed at a temperature greater than 116° Fahrenheit (46 2/3° Centigrade), brings us gradually to a state of enzyme deficiency wherein our bodies are now operating at levels whereby we can no longer properly digest the food we eat. Thus, we cultivate all types of illness due to our body's inability to cope with current day pollutions in the air, water and food, due, in part, to enzyme deficiencies.

Now, due to severe enzyme deficiencies, the body is no longer capable of digesting protein, fats and carbohydrates, which are necessary to maintain health. When protein is only partially digested and when carbohydrates are only partially digested these undigested proteins and carbohydrates (polysaccharides) accumulate in the body fluids and tissues and form what is known as mucoprotein. This mucoprotein is a conjugate of the undigested protein consisting of long chains of polypeptides and the undigested carbohydrate. Mucoprotein is also known as trapped plasma protein. This accumulation of mucoprotein in the interstitial spaces (that space which exists between the capillaries and the cell structures which is filled with interstitial fluid) is the main contributing factor to lymphatic congestion. This mucoprotein accumulation is indicated in an Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis by the lymphatic rosary or tophi in the zone 6 region of the Iris of the eye.

Due to this widespread enzyme deficiency problem, we only have a partial output of hydrochloric acid from the stomach. Hydrochloric acid lowers the pH factor in the stomach to a level of between 2-3 pH, which then allows the pepsin to digest the protein masses which are present as a result of eating. All this takes place in the stomach. If there is not enough hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach to lower the pH, then the protein is not broken down into a fluid form (chyme), which is then not fully acted upon in the small intestine to turn the protein into vital amino acids. Also due to the long standing enzyme deficiency problem, there is an insufficient amount of pancreatic enzymes such as lipase which digests fats, amylase which digests carbohydrates, and protease which digests protein. Thus, proper digestion does not take place and nutritional deficiencies are the result.

The intake of Grainfields Powder, which is a pre-digested form of protein, carbohydrate and fatty acids helps to solve this major problem. By using a special process of fermentation to pre-digest a carefully selected source of nutrients, these nutrients are made possible to enter the body without the need for an effective digestive system. This is a very important point to fully comprehend that we may take the right steps to bring our body to a state of good health. Grainfields Powder is an essential product to help solve the problem of nutritional deficiencies due to poor digestion.


Point 2

Our body requires, in its adult form, 20 amino acids in their natural form (the dextrorotatory form or d-amino acid) in order that all bodily metabolic functions can operate properly. The adult body requires up to 20 amino acids in order that the endocrine glands can produce and secrete all the necessary hormones for complete cellular functions. If there is one amino acid missing in the diet due to cooking the food we consume, or due to eating processed foods, or due to the inability of the body to digest protein, or eating a protein deficient diet, then certain hormones cannot be produced and secreted by the endocrine glands.

It must be stressed that at 110° Fahrenheit (approximately 43° Centigrade) two of the 8 essential amino acids, tryptophan and lysine, are destroyed. It is a necessary dietary requirement that all 8 of the essential amino acids are present in the human body, wherein the remaining 12 amino acids can be synthesised within the human body, making up the necessary 20 amino acids. It is necessary to know that a baby requires 22 amino acids to develop properly. If all 8 essential amino acids are present, then the baby can produce the additional 14 amino acids in its body through bio-synthesis. It would be wise to remember that cooked, frozen, canned or processed food will be deficient in the proper nutrients for a healthy baby's growth.

It must be understood that the hormones act within the body as a catalyst to help create in every metabolic function of the body endothermic reactions and exothermic reactions which are absolutely necessary for biological transmutational factors taking place within the body to heal and regenerate tissues, to aid in energy producing functions, to warm or cool the body as a temperature control function, to indicate a few of the many thousands of necessary functions. (Please read the outstanding works of Dr C Louis Kervran, especially his book on Biological Transmutations. Dr Kervran is a celebrated French Scientist whose research is monumental in this field of biological transmutation.)

Grainfields Powder and Grainfields Grains and Greens are skilfully blended from the highest quality, pesticide and petrochemical free grains that are available to man. These grains have been selected to provide all the necessary amino acids which include the basic 8 essential amino acids, which are necessary for the maintenance of body health.

An ancient fermentation process which is exclusive only to Grainfields and improved upon over many years of expert laboratory research is now available to provide the individual with all the amino acids in a pre-digested form. This exciting food thus enables us to solve the major problem we have been working on for a long time which has involved insufficient digestion of protein. One must remember that it is essential for protein to be broken down into amino acids. One must also remember that nearly all people of middle age or over have deficient digestive systems, thus the need for pre-digested food as provided by the exclusive fermentation process of Grainfields. The Grainfields process resulting in the Grainfields Powder provides each day the means to ingest, without digestive problems, all the necessary protein in the form of amino acids, that health may be regained and maintained.


Point 3

It has been observed and documented by many authorities that many people living today in agricultural areas who live on a regular diet of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, live to a ripe age of 120-140 with full normal activity, free of disease. Their intake of a simple diet, with pre-digested protein through the fermentation process has helped them maintain their health and vitality. A regular intake of Grainfields Powder shall help to solve the problem of poor digestion which is a major problem requiring attention in this so-called "civilised" society.


Point 4

Many laboratory tests of Grainfields powder have revealed that there is a very high level of protease for protein digestion, lipase for fat digestion and amylase for carbohydrate digestion. The presence of these enzymes, as well as other enzymes, help to digest and remove accumulated waste in the intestine and colon. This high level of enzyme activity will also help to correct, over a period of time, long standing enzyme deficiencies by adding consistently to the enzyme reserve within the body. (Please obtain and read the most outstanding book of our time from the world authority on Enzymes, Dr Edward Howell: Enzyme Nutrition - The Food Enzyme Concept).

It would be wise to consider that assimilation of the nutrients is the next major problem which requires attention. We have solved the problem of digestion. Have you considered the huge amount of undigested material which lines the walls of the small and large intestine? One is incapable of the assimilation of nutrients no matter how good the digestion is, if the digested food does not reach the small intestine walls due to the accumulation of undigested food and hardened mucous which lines the intestinal wall. The continual intake of enzyme-containing fermented foods (please re-read the important first paragraph of point 4) will aid in the gradual elimination of this unwanted accumulation of waste which lines the walls of the intestine and the colon. This therefore aids in the solution of assimilation problems. There are certainly other short term methods available to help clean the small and large intestinal tract, which is a necessary requirement for many who do have severe assimilation problems. A few questions properly directed will bring one a wealth of information on this subject.


Point 5

As people age, their cells and tissues change in ways that lead to the body's gradual decline into death. Enzyme processes that have been used to discolour and toughen foods in industry have also been found in the human body to contribute to age-related impairment of both cells and tissues. The chemical attachment of the sugar glucose to proteins and also nucleic acids in an enzyme deficient environment causes haphazard bonding to the sides of the peptide chain and results in a series of chemical reactions that culminate in the eventual accumulation of what has been deemed irreversible cross-linkages between adjacent protein molecules. This cross-linking contributes to the stiffening and loss of elasticity which is characteristic of aging tissues. It is also claimed that the addition of glucose to nucleic acids in the absence of enzymes in the human body system may gradually damage DNA. This process of biochemically cross-linking protein molecules due to glucose bonding is known as "glycosylation"

Examples of glycosylation are the clouding of the lens of the eye, the darkening of warts and moles, the stiffening of the collagen which holds the cells of the body in position, the stiffening of the dura mater which lines the cranium, and the pigment spots on the back of hands. The cranial positioning and membrane elasticity is so important for the activity of the free flow of cerebro-spinal-fluid throughout the body. The need for a flexible elastic activity is so important in the function of the cerebro-spinal-fluid pump which is known as the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. This minute movement of the cranium and sacrum pumps the cerebro-spinal-fluid from the 4th ventricle of the brain, down thru the foramen magnum, down through the spinal cord, out through the ventral roots of the nerves, out through the perineural pathways, the perivascular pathways and finally, in through the tiny hollow collagen fibrils to the very cell itself, transmitting life-giving electrolytes and metabolites to the entire human body. When the continual distribution of the cerebro-spinal-fluid shuts down we die. Every attempt must be made to delay and reverse this gradual activity of glycosylation in the human body system.

It has been my observation over many years the elimination of cloudiness of the lens of the eye eliminating the need for surgery to remove the inevitable growth of cataract. It has been my observation of the gradual elimination of the age spots on the skin which is brought about by the gradual accumulation of the cross-linking of protein molecules. It has been my observation of the return to normal function of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism and the return of the distribution of cerebro-spinal-fluid to the body as evidenced by the return of the nerve supply to the extremities and organs of the body with accompanying return of circulation so that normal function and productivity returns to the life of the individual. How is this done, especially when it is considered to be irreversible?

In the presence of a nutrient saturation of enzymes and other necessary coenzymes to the body the cross-linkages of protein molecules gradually return to normal with the return of eyesight, elasticity of muscles and tissues, and return of the normal secretion and function of hormones, etc. Thus, what has been considered to be irreversible has, according to my experience, been found to be reversible. Thus, archaic beliefs are being turned around wherein people now accept the concept of bodily regeneration. The human body regenerates when the healing modality of Body Electronics is properly applied. The enzyme saturation along with other proper nutrients in balance saturate and infiltrate the tissues thereby helping to dissolve these signs of ageing, that one can therefore prolong one's life and fulfil whatever mission in life one has been appointed to serve.


Point 6

It has been known for some time that the by-product of the fermentation process is lactic acid. This lactic acid aids in the preservation of the Grainfields Powder so that it will not deteriorate and will store for long periods of time in a cool temperature environment. Let us carefully consider what else lactic acid does.

I would first of all like to introduce to you a gentleman by the name of Otto Warburg, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Cell Physiology, Berlin-Dahlem. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 and was voted a second Nobel Prize in 1944; his honorary degrees and awards are too numerous to name. The World Health Organisation in 1997 has predicted a pandemic of cancer leading into the year 2000. This should pique our interest in Cancer and its causes. Otto Warburg stated the following in "The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer": "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. Almost anything can cause cancer. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarised in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation....Oxygen gas, the donor of energy in plants and animals is dethroned in the cancer cells and replaced by an energy yielding reaction of the lowest living forms, namely, a fermentation of glucose." Otto Warburg states: "...only in recent years has it been demonstrated that cancer cells can actually grow in the body, almost with only the energy of fermentation." Otto Warburg continues, "If it is true that the replacement of oxygen-respiration by fermentation is the prime cause of cancer, then all cancer cells without exception must ferment, and no normal growing cell ought to exist that ferments in the body."

It has been established by experiments in vitro that if oxygen respiration at the cell level falls by 35% or more in the cells then the normal cells must revert to fermentation, because there is not enough oxygen to complete glucose metabolism which was started in the Embden Meyerhoff Pathway when the glucose was split into a simple sugar. These cells, in vitro, after two divisions have become cancerous when the oxygen respiration at the cell level has fallen by 35% or more. The oxidative Krebs Cycle must have an abundance of oxygen to be completed. If it doesn't have enough oxygen then the cells must live by fermentation in order to survive. The cells in order to survive must therefore revert to the anaerobic life of a primitive single cell which results in an end result of lactic acid. It must be stated that in the process of returning the oxygen respiration to 100% the cancer cells, in vitro, did not revert back to a non-cancerous state. They remained cancer cells. Oxygen may prevent cancer but is not the only magic bullet to enact a cure. Let us go on. The entire cycle of the anaerobic release of energy which is called anaerobic glycolosis which includes the end result of the process being lactic acid is described in "The Textbook of Medical Physiology" by Arthur C Guyton, MD.

It must be understood that lactic acid is a natural substance occurring as a part of the cell metabolism. In a number of various experiments it has been established in vitro that cancer cells in a medium wherein cancer cells will ferment and grow (in an anaerobic environment) the end result of this fermentation will be the increased level of lactic acid. When the lactic acid level increases the enzyme LADH will peak, plunge and then be deactivated. The cancer cells will die in the same manner as when the plasma level of lactic acid is increased by lactic acid Therapy. In large numbers of experiments it has been found that Lactic Acid Therapy will destroy all carcinomas. The Sloan Kettering Institute has cured cancer in mice with Lactic Acid Therapy. The Keating Foundation in Chicago cured cancer in mice with Lactic Acid Therapy. In Mexico, 18 terminal cancer patients were treated with Lactic Acid Therapy for various tumours. In all cases the growth was stopped and the cancer was necrosed (destroyed). Eight patients died due to the fact that the cancer was too advanced and they died of complications. The cure for any cancer depends on stopping the process of fermentation. The immune system is important and should not be neglected and all should be done to support it. It must be understood that lactic acid by itself is not the magic bullet cure-all. Lactic acid is very safe to consume orally.

Oxygen when added to the picture creates in the body an aerobic condition. It has been an established condition due to many experiments that cancer cannot grow in an oxygen (aerobic) environment. Oxygen will stop the fermentation process of all cancerous cells. Extensive research using ozone therapy has resulted in similar findings.

Now, let us look carefully at lactic acid. Lactic acid is approximately 75-80% of the Grainfields Product known as Grainfields Lactobacillus. This lactic acid when taken orally as a part of the Lactobacillus liquid enters into the body and increases the plasma level of the lactic acid, the enzyme LADH will peak, plunge and then be deactivated and the cancer cells will die. Lactic Acid Therapy using IV injections will also increase the plasma level and the same results will be observed. IV injections must be done under the auspices of a licensed physician who is fully trained in natural therapies.

Grainfields Products contain lactic acid. It is the natural result of all fermentation processes. The addition of lactic acid in the body is therefore a prime prerequisite to regain and maintain healthy tissues especially in this day when cancer is admittedly increasing worldwide. It would be wise to include many of the secondary or contributory factors which commonly cause cancer.

Some of the secondary causes of cancer are:

  1. Carcinogens such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other petrochemicals such as artificial colouring, artificial additives to the food, various preservatives that are chemical in nature, various medicines which are cancer causing, any unnatural substances that are foreign to the human body.
  2. X-Rays, radiation from any source, radiation in cancer therapy.
  3. Stress and strain of normal life, hurry, competition, indebtedness, etc.
  4. Repeated injury, irritation and pain (insomnia or lack of blood supply to a given area results in lack of oxygen and therefore continuous pain).
  5. Free radicals within the cells causing damage.
  6. Past infections and viruses (pathogens can only exist in an anaerobic environment).
  7. Ultraviolet rays, a factor in skin cancers.

It would be wise to consider the contents of the "Patient's Guide to Body Electronics" which adds to the information above, and gives solid counsel as to what steps to take to recover and maintain health.

It would be interesting to note that the premature wrinkles in the skin which show up specifically in the facial area are an indication of cross-linking or scarring under the skin, resulting in these external wrinkles. The lactic acid is used in small amounts by beauticians to dab on the wrinkled area. The lactic acid dissolves into the skin and helps dissolve the scarring of tissue which is the cross-linking of protein molecules and the wrinkles gradually dissolve over two or more months of regular use of lactic acid. A small amount of lactic acid can be purchased from discriminating beauty retail counters for a high price. It may be wise to consider Grainfields Lactobacillus Liquid wherein 75-80% is lactic acid.


Point 7

Grainfields Powder also has a high level of various forms of Lactobacillus which are required to maintain a proper level of hydrogen ion concentration (known as the pH level) in the intestinal tract. Producing lactic acid from Lactobacillus activity in carbohydrate fermentation prevents the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria which are capable of causing a variety of intestinal upsets such as constipation, diarrhoea, and irritated colon. Each particular form of Lactobacillus has a specific responsibility in the human body and actually is a requirement for the maintenance of good health. Please consider the vital information contained in Point 8.

The various Lactobacillus strains grown at AGM Fermented Foods are as follows:

There are two yeast strains that are aerobic in nature and are not the harmful yeast strains that are associated with candida and thrush. These yeast strains are added to the formulation of Lactobacillus Liquid and are responsible for the presence of B-vitamins so necessary to maintain health. Please remember that when the various strains of Lactobacillus are maintained then there will be the opportunity for the synthesis of B-vitamins that are required by the body. It would be worth mentioning that beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the intestine through the action of Lactobacillus. If a person, from whatever cause would have no Lactobacillus, effective digestion and assimilation would not take place and gradually illness would transpire.

It is imperative to mention that in the past, the ingestion of regular powdered acidophilus, which we felt was an absolute necessity for health maintenance, would take about 4 days to establish itself in the gut. The Grainfields Powder which has a large amount of Lactobacillus and, more importantly, the Grainfields Liquid Lactobacillus establishes the twelve strains of Lactobacillus, including acidophilus, in the gut immediately upon intake. These products are the best of which we are aware. The consistent results speak for themselves.


Point 8

Grainfields Lactobacillus Liquid taken regularly will help to establish a proper environment for synthesising and assimilating the necessary vitamins in the intestinal tract. Nearly all people who have taken oral antimicrobial drugs for any reason will require that regular doses of Lactobacillus be added to the diet to replace that which has been destroyed by various drugs or improper diet. Many people take all sorts of drugs, pills and pain relievers or even vitamin C (ascorbic acid). In all cases the destruction of Lactobacillus in the intestine is to be expected. Symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation are the result of the balance of Lactobacillus being interfered with in the intestines by many of the following and more:

Eat your fruit alone about 30-45 minutes before your protein-vegetable meal.

It would be appropriate to consider that due to normal elimination procedures, the human adult body loses about 50 ml of Lactobacillus per day by way of evacuation. One must take at least 50 ml of Grainfields Liquid Lactobacillus per day just to keep even. If any type of pollution from any source enters the body then this puts a greater burden upon the level of Lactobacillus which is in the body and one must therefore take more. It is recommended that to keep ahead of the game in normal circumstances, it would be wise to take at least 100 ml per day on a regular basis. If one has problems with candida, thrush or other digestive problems, it would be wise to take a litre a day for one to two weeks and then the problem should be resolved. At that time move down to 100 ml per day and vigour, health and vitality should return. Be wise and have a consultation with your nutritional counsellor if problems persist. A good Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis would be appropriate if other problems persist. Do not be hesitant in using the proper modality when problems persist. There is a time, place and purpose for each healing modality and wisdom must dictate in these matters. It would be appropriate to consider at this time that the knowledgeable individual must make his own choices regarding the health care he/she desires. With responsibility of choice comes the consideration that one must individually bear the consequences of that choice. Freedom of choice in health care is an individual responsibility. Freedom of choice in health care is not a privilege to be legislated. It is an inalienable right belonging to all mankind.


Point 9

Grainfields Powder and Lactobacillus Liquid are formulated according to an ancient fermentation process that is unparalleled by any other process of fermentation of which we are aware in the world today. Other fermentation processes and other formal techniques of fermentation are known but none of them compare to the years of practical experience and committed expertise that have gone into the development of the exclusive techniques found only in the skilfully balanced processing techniques of Grainfields Products.


Point 10

Stress must be placed upon the fact that the two forms of yeast mentioned in Point 7 are deliberately added to the formulation. These yeast strains are definitely non-destructive and are aerobic rather than anaerobic. Aerobic means that these microbes or yeast strains live off oxygen, while the anaerobic microbes live in an oxygen-free environment. These anaerobic microbes are the trouble makers. It would be of definite interest and should remove all suspicion from yeast inclusion in this product to know that the two yeast strains contained in the Grainfields products are:

The Saccharomyces boulardii Yeast Strain has been used by the World Health Organisation to combat intestinal diarrhoea in third world countries. The Saccharomyces boulardii helps to change the internal environment so that the anaerobic bacteria cannot proliferate.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is one of the best sources available for the synthesis and assimilation of B-group vitamins.

The candida and thrush yeast infections are caused by the proliferation of anaerobic yeast growths. One must not be concerned over yeast-containing foods if the yeast strains are aerobic, which is the case in Grainfields Products.


Point 11

Grainfields Powder is the end result of fermented grains. All the protein has been broken down into a pre-digested state into the necessary amino acids through the fermentation process. The temperature is a low temperature process, thus there is no destruction of the amino acids, enzymes, and other substances vital for the maintenance of health. All that must be determined is which of the grains can be used for maximum balance of amino acids. This has been carefully weighed and balanced. These natural (dextrorotatory) amino acids resulting from the fermentation process are not required to be subjected to fragile digestive systems but are immediately assimilated into the body. What a wonderful gift to all mankind.

Many body builders and athletes are unknowingly involving themselves in a very dangerous practice of consuming large amount of synthetic (made in the laboratory) amino acids. Normally when we eat protein from a natural source the protein is primarily in a dextrorotatory form which then is broken down into the various amino acids which also are in a dextrorotatory form. These are then utilised in the body by converting part of the amino acids into a levorotatory form which is then in balance with the remaining dextrorotatory form of the amino acid. No problem. The levorotatory form of amino acids are necessary for some of the metabolic functions in the human body. But, in order to remain healthy, it must be balanced by the dextrorotatory form of the amino acids. Now, if one takes as a food supplement the popular forms of amino acids which are made in the laboratory in the levorotatory form (l-amino acid) then there is no dextro form (d-amino acid) to balance it and the body is thrown out of balance. Like every substance made in the laboratory the levo form of amino acid acts on the body like a drug and forces the body unnaturally to function. This use of the levo form of amino acids is readily seen in the Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis wherein the health of the body begins to deteriorate as indicated by the fibres of the iris moving posteriorly. Our firm suggestion is to go natural. Become as close to nature as possible in food, water and air.


Point 12

Let us now consider the Grainfields Product which contains wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts and barley grass. This is known as Grainfields Grains and Greens. When a grain of wheat, alfalfa seed or barley is carefully analysed there is a consistent analysis which one may rely upon within certain narrow parameters. Yet, when this grain of wheat, alfalfa or barley is placed in a porcelain bowl and water is added there are a number of biological transmutations which take place and many new substances are wonderfully formed as the seed sprouts. The chemical make up in the original seed is no longer the same in a sprouted seed. When these sprouted seeds in the form of wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts and barley grass are fermented, all the essential factors are made immediately available to the human body without having to pass through a possibly and probably defective digestive system. Neuropeptides are found in wheat grass and barley grass. These are immediately made available to the human body to help with the synaptic transmission of the nervous system.

Alfalfa sprouts have long been known for their mineral content as well as wheat grass and barley grass. The fermentation process frees these chelated trace minerals so that all the nutrition is made available including the necessary chlorophyll. A chelated mineral is a mineral taken from the soil by the plant rootlets and in the plant, these trace elements are synthesised into a specific protein substance which has the mineral as part of the chemical complex. This chelated mineral can now be consumed and utilised by the human. The “chelated” minerals made in the laboratory must have the hydrolysed protein stripped from the mineral before the body can possibly utilise the mineral. A little known fact is that the human body cannot properly utilise a mineral unless it is in a colloidal (less than 0.5 micron in size) state.

Chlorophyll is a chelate of magnesium

The sprouts of alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass in the Grainfields Grains and Greens contain chlorophyll which is made available to the body through the Grainfields fermentation process. It may be of interest to note that chlorophyll in its natural form is a "chelate" of magnesium. The chemical configuration of chlorophyll is identical to haemoglobin except that the central magnesium atom in chlorophyll can be transmuted through the process of biological transmutation to iron. Thus, the chlorophyll can become haemoglobin in the human body. It must be stressed that using chlorophyll in its natural form helps those who suffer anaemia to recover their health. (Please consult the works on Biological Transmutation, by Dr C Louis Kervran.)

Let us now consider a little known factor which is little understood by the health community. The popular nutrients found in spirulina are looked upon with favour by many health enthusiasts. How popular would spirulina be if it were known that man, even with a good digestive system will digest and assimilate only about 20% of the spirulina. If it were well known that the Grainfields fermentation process makes the nutrients in spirulina 100% available to man it would create a stampede.

Soy beans are very hard to digest because of the high amount of enzyme inhibitors which they contain. This makes it, in a powdered form, unsuitable for baby formulas and body builders due to the indigestibility factor. This partially digested protein powder then adds to the accumulation of mucoprotein or trapped plasma protein in the human body and thus moves the human body into a state of lymphatic congestion. (Please re-read point #1) Soy beans with their high amino acid profile, when fermented with the Grainfields process, provide all the amino acids in a pre-digested form. This is the solution to an age old problem of protein digestion.

Due to incomplete digestion of protein the build up of mucoprotein in the human body had become a major problem. From a medical point of view the mucoprotein is irreversible in the human body and is virtually indestructible. I went to work on this problem in the early 1980's which was evidenced in the iris of the eye as a lymphatic rosary in zone 6 and in advanced stages as catarrh or mucoprotein moving from zone 6 down to zone 3 and eventually covering the entire iris. After extensive research it was determined that mucoprotein was simply a conjugate of undigested protein and undigested carbohydrate due to insufficient enzyme production in the body required to fully digest the food consumed. I then knew that if there was a nutrient saturation of protease (protein digestion enzyme) and amylase (carbohydrate digestion enzyme) then there was a good opportunity to digest out the accumulated mucoprotein or trapped plasma protein in the body and the result would be seen by the elimination of mucoprotein in the iris of the eye. Dr Edward Howell formulated for me my first enzyme combination of protease and amylase. Within 6 weeks I saw my very first total elimination from the iris of the eye of the Lymphatic Rosary and with that the elimination of the symptoms of lymphatic congestion. I was over the moon. We had solved the first of many health problems and we were on our way to new breakthroughs in Natural Medicine.

It is imperative to mention, now, that the Grainfields products are very high in protease and amylase as well as lipase. These products help to solve an age old problem of mucoprotein accumulation and poor digestion. The fermentation process makes all protein available as simple amino acids, not as long chains of polypeptides or undigested protein. Excited? I should think so.

Now, the frosting on the cake. Essential Fatty Acids from linseed (flax oil) require digestion. If there are pancreatic problems resulting in a low output of lipase which is used to digest fats, then the essential oils are not broken down to the omega 3 and omega 6 which are required for good health. (Please read the works of Johanna Budwig, the famous Austrian-German Medical Doctor who has been nominated 6 times for the Nobel Prize for her work in this field). The fermentation process of Grainfields makes all of these immediately available to the body without wear and tear on the digestive system including the pancreas. (Please read, Fats That Heal - Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus).

Now, what can be called Grainfields Grains and Greens contains the following ingredients: spirulina, green barley grass, alfalfa sprouts, wheat grass, whole organic grains and seeds such as linseed, soy beans, wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize, alfalfa, brown rice, mung beans, sunflower kernels, millet, green ginger, barley, malt and molasses. All these have been pre-digested with Lactobacillus bacteria (point 7) and contain aerobic strains of yeast (point 9).

It is necessary to point out that protein deficiency problems need our attention. Many contradictions occur in the health field. For example, many doctors claim that a high protein diet causes cancer and thus they restrict protein intake. It is acknowledged that those people with defective digestive systems caused in part by long standing enzyme deficiencies, who are on a high protein diet will have a gradual mucoprotein build-up in the fluids and tissues of the body. This results in an increase of cell toxicity, with a corresponding inability of oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells. The cells gradually weaken and proliferate as weak cells which eventually turn into what is called cancer. This is all due to the inability of the body to digest protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is essential to note that all cancer patients are protein deficient. It must be stressed that it is not the amount of protein one eats that is the problem; it is the amount which is digested and assimilated. Here is where we need to place our attention. Grainfields products aid us in solving this nutritional deficiency as indicated by lack of digested protein in the form of amino acids in the daily diet.

Now, it is wisdom to know the individual health problems with which one must be concerned. These health problems often must be treated individually wherein one person may need acupuncture and another may need homeopathy. The next person may need nutritional counselling and yet another may need to have the blood chemistry balanced by an allopathic doctor. One person will need Body Electronics to restore nerve supply and circulation to the body, yet another person may need a spinal adjustment to restore nerve supply to a deficient area.

The secret here is to have the wisdom to know that there is a proper time, place and purpose for all things under heaven, and to know what is appropriate and when. Be careful, as a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing and it is wisdom to know the parameters of the effectiveness of each individual healing modality.

Be wise, prudent and careful and if any problem arises it demands the prompt attention of a competent physician or health practitioner. Grainfields is a food, it is not a drug. Nutrition, proper nutrition, is a number one requirement for regaining and maintaining good health. Grainfields shall maintain a position of integrity in this area of high concern and shall, as time progresses, gain greater recognition as a necessary source of nutritional substances.

Respectfully Submitted
Dr Sir John Whitman Ray


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