Healing Crisis and Regeneration

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What is a Healing Crisis?

Healing Crisis is the reversal of a previous disease process, entailing the temporary reappearance of old symptoms as the body heals itself. These may be thought of as "cleansing reactions" but may extend far beyond physical symptoms into the re-experience of emotional and psychological states that accompanied various traumatic experiences in life.

A healing crisis will not occur on an arbitrary basis, but only when the person is sufficiently prepared in a number of ways. Further, a healing crisis will not complete to its fullest extent, resulting in regeneration of the body, unless the person is sufficiently determined to enthusiastically embrace the many manifestations of the healing crisis throughout.

Concepts of healing crisis may be found in homeopathy and various natural healing modalities but very few speak of the potential for regeneration. In part, this is because there is insufficient understanding of the specific factors required to initiate and successfully complete a healing crisis. The truth is deceptively simple but ever complex due to our simple unwillingness to love unconditionally.

The principles of Body Electronics methodically teach one how to experience a healing crisis with the best chance of experiencing regeneration, hence the name, "The science of bodily regeneration."



Is Healing Crisis Really Necessary?

Only if you're interested in true healing.

During my naturopathic training I was surprised to discover just how much opposition there is to healing crisis amongst people who desire to help others. In retrospect, I should never have been so surprised.

Let's face it, our basic intuition is to avoid pain or discomfort, for the most part. We perceive it as suffering, or we learnt that it means suffering and we naturally seek to relieve that suffering, in ourselves and others. But what few of us realise is that it is possible to love unconditionally, including pain, and in fact that it is ONLY by loving our "suffering" that we can end and become free of it.

The true suffering is happening inside on an unseen spiritual level as we fail to step out of the shackles of deeply programmed habit (reactive) patterns. What we see on the outside as suffering in the form of pain, illness, fears and loss, etc is the very thing we need to confront (lovingly and willingly) in order to relieve our inner suffering.

So why is there opposition to the idea that healing crisis is necessary? Simply because that person is only considering the physical body and that all disease/healing processes are also physical. This is plainly not the full picture. The causes are not "out there" - they are within (in the emotional and mental bodies) and cannot be addressed until the comfort zone that perpetuates them is ruptured - hence the healing crisis.

Can I say it any clearer than this - the healing crisis is a vital necessity for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual freedom and it can come in no other way, with the possible exception of Grace from Above?

Your ability to accept this inexorable truth may be limited until you have experienced it for yourself, so perhaps for now you are willing at least to consider the possibility that healing crisis is both necessary and constructive. The methods provided in Body Electronics safely and reliably allow a healing crisis to occur and complete, without suppression. This is the path to true healing and there are few others within most people's reach.



Healing Crisis and Balance

The discrepancy between different healing modalities as to what is considered healing partly arises through a misunderstanding of healing crisis and balance. Traditionally there is considered to be one level of balance, which the body attempts to maintain through a process called homeostasis.

However, from a Body Electronics perspective there are a great many relative levels of balance separated by many healing crises and thus a progression through various healing crises to higher levels of balance or else degeneration through various disease crises to lower levels of balance, which the body will adopt as a means of making the best of a bad situation and in the absence of applying the exacting principles that would reverse that degeneration and produce regeneration.



Dr John Whitman Ray's Law of Healing Crisis

"A healing crisis will occur only when an individual is ready both physiologically and psychologically. The basic foundation for all healing crisis is nutritional preparedness.

"A healing crisis (cure) will begin from within out, in reverse order chronologically as to how the symptoms have appeared, tempered by the intensity of the trauma. The individual will have the opportunity to re-experience each trauma, both physiological and psychological, beginning with the trauma of least severity.

"It must be recognised that traumas involving emotions, which include all traumas, will be released in order beginning with unconsciousness, then apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and eventually enthusiasm (love), in conjunction with the appropriate word patterns for each emotion and thought patterns (sensory memory) which are accessible at each level.

"Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are the keys to apply to transmute any resistance at any level once these resistances are brought to view through the application of the Laws of Love, Light and Perfection."



What is Regeneration?

Many natural healing methods are in basic agreement about causes of illness and dis-ease in the body. Many also have a good level of agreement about constructive approaches towards helping the body's innate capacity to heal itself.

However, there seems to be some divergence over just what level of healing is possible. The terms "cure", "healing" and "regeneration" are bandied about in very general and often meaningless ways. This is not to downplay the effectiveness of any healing technique, just to point out that some health objectives have not been clearly enough specified.

Regeneration is one such term. Amongst the many dictionary definitions for regeneration is one that comes close but still does not spell out enough what the potential is, "regrow or cause new tissue to regrow to replace lost or injured tissue." I say it is not enough because of the number of preconceptions and limiting beliefs that have been placed upon the term.

Most people are aware of various parts of the body renewing themselves periodically. For example, the skin is continually shedding old layers and replacing them with new ones. But most people are unfamiliar with, doubtful of and have been taught not to believe that regeneration can potentially extend indefinitely. The reasons are many and obvious of course. How many of us know or have heard of someone who has regrown a severed arm, for example?

No-one will make claims that a person will regrow an arm as a result of a healing crisis and they would be foolish to do so. At the same time, I feel it would be equally foolish to place any limitation on the extent of healing possible, just because I haven't seen or heard of it. No, more than this, I think it is unethical for any practitioner to enforce their own concepts of limitation in the potential for healing upon a patient. Making promises is silly and can be misleading but it is equally misleading to suggest that any illness has an assured (negative) outcome.



Regeneration Occurs in Nature

Observe that plants routinely regrow severed parts and often tenaciously so. Admittedly, the same effect is rarely seen in insects and animals, but Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Science of Life) quotes some extremely interesting exceptions. Lizards will regrow a severed tail and so also will certain amphibians regrow various severed body parts.

In the first place, the DNA, the chemical code of life is not altered by injury and so the information for the development, sustenance and replacement of any given body part remains, regardless of injury, trauma or illness.

However, Sheldrake also hypothesised the existence of another layer of intelligence that organises the body and the way in which the DNA may express itself, the morphogenetic or morphogenic field. This energy field, he said, accounts for the capacity of the creatures he observed, and by extension any life-form, to regenerate.



Regeneration, Body Electronics and the Healing Crisis

What stands between the organising influence of the morphogenetic field and the disorganised state of damaged body tissue? In some cases it may be nutritional factors but the principal barrier to regeneration is resistance to the associated trauma. Owing to the explicit suppression of memory caused by resistance, in many cases the level of that trauma is typically completely underestimated.

In a degenerative disease process such as cancer, for example, there is probably no single memory that the person can identify, which is responsible for the condition. This does not mean there is no such experience, just not one that can either be sufficiently recalled or vividly re-experienced with true enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, there is obviously some impediment to a normal bodily process that over time has led to unchecked degeneration. In Body Electronics we say this is some distortion in the morphogenetic field, which is trauma-related and that the key to removing this distortion is a proper healing crisis.



What May Happen During a Body Electronics Healing Crisis?

During the reversal of previous trauma or degenerative conditions, absolutely any symptom that has been previously experienced may surface again until such time as the healing crisis is completed. For example, if there have been headaches, nausea, pain or constipation, etc, these same things may re-appear during healing crisis. Emotional and psychological states, such as anxiety, depression, anger, etc may also resurface, typically unexpectedly and without seeming explanation until such time as the healing crisis is complete.



Important Precaution

Do not attempt to precipitate a healing crisis without the supervision of a practitioner who understands the Scale of Emotions, multiple levels of relative balance and the many possible manifestations of healing crisis. There is a time to suppress a healing crisis and a time to face its full fury - be wary of the supervision of one who does not discern between both needs. Let the information presented here be considered merely as the tip of the iceberg in your understanding of healing crisis and regeneration. Each person's specific needs will be identified by consultation.




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