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Article Archive - 16/9/2005


Please don't "turn me off", I have no particular political party to support here, just a call to look at your conscience.

I would like to point out one fatal political fallacy that we are mostly lead by; the idea of making your vote count or not wasting your vote, hence the idea of "tactical" voting. This amounts to a subliminal message, as subconsciously the majority of people prefer to be on the winning team and realise that the only way their vote will count is if they support the likely winners.

If everyone voted "tactically" the ultimate outcome would be a bunch of people elected who no-one actually wants and the perpetuation of the illusion that there is no support for minority parties. I retract that, the support of the minority party becomes exactly an illusion since no-one has supported them in deed by voting for them.

If a group of people all want fish for dinner they don't go to the shop and tell everyone else to buy cornflakes so the shop doesn't run out of fish. You tell everyone to buy fish so the supermarket knows exactly what the people want and supply it or lose the business.

I think we could all do with a reality check on who we are supporting and why we're doing it. Are we supporting someone who has lied to us or deceived us? To reward a liar or a thief (no matter how many little gifts they may offer you) with more power is to bring about your own eventual deception and loss. Any politician or party that has lied to you, deceived you or taken away your rights by drawing your attention to one issue while secretly passing legislation behind your back somewhere else, needs to be removed from office. This is a civic, if not moral, responsibility.

In short, vote for the person and party that represents your wishes in total. If there is one thing you disagree with in their policies or actions and that you would not be happy with in your conscience, do not support them because your support creates the very thing you do not want. The only honest form of government is where people vote according to their conscience and in full knowledge of what the government plans to do. And if the government does not act on the wishes of the people it is removed.

As an example, did we really vote for legalised prostitution? I say we because I'm not sure which one of us did anything about stopping it. I don't imagine any one of us would like to see their own daughter become a prostitute, so how come we legalised it? To be frank, it is immaterial how much so-called good anyone does to one person if they sell someone else down the river. If one person can't do it, let someone else do the good, but someone who also won't do the dirty.

There a number of similar issues from recent months, none of which have made the papers yet. Did you know that a parent no longer has legal custody of their own children? The parent is now the person who merely offers day to day care. I personally find this disturbing because if the law says I'm not the custodian, who is?

Why are we considering the policies of most parties and weighing up who can provide the best healthcare, or shortest waiting lists when they are each determined to force the medical model of healthcare on everyone? Does anyone remember Liam Holloway and how he and his parents were hunted down like dogs because his parents wanted to try a natural healthcare approach instead of experimental chemotherapy?

We say diet is important on one hand and yet we have allowed GE food to be on the shelves, improperly labeled, uncontained, unproven and possibly irreversible. Are we feeling good with our actions (or inactions) yet?

Do not be bought by anyone! If they say "I'll give you A and B, but while you're not looking take away C", then go and find someone else who can give you A and B without losing C - or if losing C is on the cards, someone who will be honest and open about it so you can choose ahead of time. Never vote for anyone unless you support ALL of their policies. If you look hard enough you will either find someone who you can support or conclude that if you care you may need to form your own party.

Not so practical the day before an election, admittedly, but we have no-one to blame but ourselves for a dishonest government who feels they are greater than the people who elected them.

So don't vote where you think you will do the MOST good, only vote where you will ONLY do good. Don't be afraid to vote for a minority if you trust and believe in their aims. How else will they ever become the majority?

Sound hard-nosed? You betcha! It barely matters who gets into power right now if you think the only choice is between "bad" or "worse". All I can say is don't be fooled into supporting bad because you don't like worse. Worse used to be bad too. Compromise only leads to more compromise.

I am happy to discuss this personally with anyone.

Have a nice day!



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