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Photo of Dr John Whitman Ray

Dr Sir John Whitman Ray founded Body Electronics, the Science of Bodily Regeneration, a healing modality considered by many to be one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

He was the author of the Logic in Sequence Series, consisting of Book One - The Laws of Perfection, Book Two - The Healing Crisis, and Book Three - The Electrification of Matter. He also wrote the Patient's Guide to Body Electronics.

He founded the following seminars: Health and the Human Mind, Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis, Body Electronics, Cranial Electronics, Advanced Procedures, and Visualisation and Consciousness (instructional classes leading to the epitome of mind-body concepts, the Time-Space-Continuum-Warp).

Dr Ray had a great number of health credentials including: BA, ND, DSc, PhD, MD (MA), Dr Ac.

Dr Ray received many awards. Among them is the Golden Eagle Wing Feather, awarded by Chief Wolf of the Turtle Clan during a special pipe ceremony as a special recognition from the Great Spirit for his service to humanity. This occurred in 1986 at the home of the Seneca Indian Nation in New York. Dr Ray was then made a member of the Wolf Clan and the Teaching Lodge of the Seneca Indian Nation. The Seneca Indian Nation is part of the Iroquois Confederacy.

At the World Congress of Medicina Alternativa, 28 November 1993, Colombo, Sri Lanka, he was awarded life membership in the International University for Osteopathy, affiliated to the United Nations University of Peace in Costa Rica.

He received the Pax Mundi Award (World Peace Award) from the Academie Diplomatique De La Paix, issued under the Patronage and Authority of the Dag Hammarskjold Awards Committee, under the auspices of the United Nations. This was presented at the World Congress of Medicina Alternativa in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1993.

He was awarded a Gold Medal for excellent contributions in the field of alternative medicine by the World Association of Integrated Medicine, Indian Foundation for the Development of Integrated Medicine, Prashanti Medical Care Institute, Varanasi, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi and CCRAS unit, Department of Medicine, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India. Awarded at the first International Academic Programme on Integrated Medicine, 12 November 1995, Varanasi, India. The World Association of Integrated Medicine is appreciated by the World Health Organisation.

He was accepted into the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta and knighted on 25 November, 1995 in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the auspices of the International and Ecumenical Priorate of the Holy Trinity of Villedieu.

At the time of his death in April 2001, Dr Sir John Whitman Ray was Patron of the Body Electronics Institute of New Zealand (BEINZ) and was serving as President of the World Association of Integrated Medicine, of which he was a founding member.



Anniversary Messages to Mark the Passing of Dr Ray

Each year since Dr Ray died in 2001 I have distributed an anniversary message, reflecting on the life and contribution of Dr Ray, with an emphasis on the principles he taught and their ongoing relevance to our situation today. Following are the messages from each year.

2002 - Principles, not personalities; address to BEINZ AGM; Dr Ray's work is done - what is our work?; the preservation of the true teachings of Body Electronics

2003 - The List; karma

2004 - Prove all things...; perpetuating falsehoods; knowledge and truth available to everyone

2005 - Naturopathy, the 5 Virtues

2006 - Honouring the living; specialness

2007 - Uncreation, not manipulation; launch of Healthy Being website; perfection/imperfection

2008 - Specialness; manipulation of truth

2009 - Global economic crisis; the karma of being involved in natural disasters

2010 - Consistency on one's spiritual path; commitment

2011 - Being in your current experience and taking constructive outer action

2012 - Pointholding groups are precious

2013 - Death and unconditional love related to the Scale of Emotions

2014 - The Law of Justification, The Law of Purification, and The Law of Sanctification in perspective

2015 - Gender roles in society

2016 - Our delusions about where we are on our spiritual path

2017 - Ten Steps to Perfection, doing God's work, cultivating our inner voice

2018 - Give no advice; take no advice, Ten Steps to Perfection, Advice and the Scale of Emotions



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