Terms and Conditions of Use of the Healthy Being Website

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  1. By using this website you are agreeing to these (and any future) terms and conditions, which will always be available for you to view here.
  2. Any information I collect about you through your use of this site or by correspondence will be subject to our Privacy Policy, which you can view here.
  3. The material provided on this site is intended for your education, but is somewhat generic, therefore please be aware that at no time should this information be considered a replacement for the advice of an appropriately-qualified health practitioner familiar with your specific situation. To this end and with regards to the vast subtleties of healing crisis and the human mind as we understand it in Body Electronics, I recommend that you seek out a qualified Body Electronics Practitioner.
  4. Please remember that I maintain a copyright on all materials posted here (unless specifically indicated otherwise) and that you are therefore legally bound by copyright law.
  5. There are some private areas of this site that are password-protected so that only genuine members can access them. Access to these areas is by my consent only.
  6. I may choose to add, amend or remove any condition of use at any time without notice.
  7. These conditions have been created to protect both you and me from intentionally or inadvertently sharing information that may be or become detrimental to yourself or another person.


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