Healthy Being Mission Statement

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At Healthy Being we are dedicated to addressing the true causes behind all conditions. While we can help with the relief of any symptoms, we also recognise that symptoms have an internal or external cause that, unless rectified, will tend to result in the eventual reappearance of the symptoms.


What are the causes?

People often tend to think first of external causes, such as:

Such causes are genuine and may be sudden or gradual and progressive, leading to obvious or subtle loss of bodily function or other forms of degeneration. However, all such causes tend to suggest we are some sort of victim and possibly with less ability to reverse them than is truly the case.

The inner causes are often overlooked and may include:

It is these and other inner causes that we must become aware of so that we can change them. This is the purpose of Healthy Being and our work with Body Electronics.

Ultimately, our experiences in life, including our state of health, are a reflection of who we are. In fact, it may be surprising to consider that a period of ill health can be a wonderful blessing in disguise. No matter what external causes are obvious, the presence of illness or injury also reveals that some inner cause exists that can then be traced back. Rather than being a mere victim of circumstances or external causes, we find WE are responsible for our inner causes and can entirely take creative control of them to produce the health, happiness and freedom we desire.


The control of symptoms

The discomfort of illness or injury is often so all-consuming as to distract us from noticing the real inner causes, as our attention becomes captivated by the external causes we assume must be responsible instead. Most people simply want to feel better and fair enough, but so much more can be achieved when we look beyond external causes to inner causes and begin to address them also.

Working with external causes may lead to symptom relief and even regeneration of the body when one properly understands healing crisis. Working with inner causes leads to all this plus freedom of the mind to become physically, emotionally and mentally free of all forms of limitation and hindrance, making us somewhat “immune” to external causes.

To begin the process of finding your inner causes, contact us now for a consultation at Healthy Being. Or, read more articles here about Healing Crisis, regeneration, Body Electronics, or Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis.


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