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How Is Your Havingness?

Your ability to receive, have, or draw in what you desire is determined by an aspect of your consciousness called your havingness. The universe is absolutely abundant, so why aren't you? Why not receive a free gift of my Havingness Questionnaire to find your Havingness Score.


The List Book and Online Course

The List is a self-help tool to put order into our lives as we resolve the multitude of self-imposed flaws in our consciousness. It was originally conceived by Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of the natural healing modality, Body Electronics.

While he did write about and teach The List, most students have nonetheless underestimated the pivotal role of this simple, yet powerful method, focussing more on pointholding. I set out to bring The List to a wider audience in 2006 when I wrote The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation. Now it's an online course!

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The course covers the fundamentals of how to build, organise and use your List, and then explores increasingly deeper applications, especially relating to karmic completion. If you've got fears, here's the step-by-step method for dealing with them. If you've got pride issues, here's the step-by-step method. If you've got issues with grief, here's the step-by-step method.

There are two main reasons why the same old patterns of experience keep repeating:

  1. because we have made choices of beingness and can't let go of them, as the result of our emotional resistance to the physical fruits of our mental creative activity, and
  2. because the grand design is that we have not been created to ruin our lives and then be abandoned. Although we may have trouble seeing it or feeling continual gratitude for it, we are never alone and karma is our eternal gift of another chance to get it right this time.

You could choose to read my book, The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation, instead because it's a whole lot cheaper (naturally, I recommend both), but if I say so myself, although I wrote a great book, I wrote an awesome course.

The List was shown to me to be the most important item we can place our attention upon to reconstruct our lives and bring order into existence out of the disorder we have created.
Dr John Whitman Ray


Mission Statement

At Healthy Being we are dedicated to addressing the true causes behind all health conditions. While we can help with the relief of symptoms, we also recognise that symptoms have an internal or external cause that, unless rectified, will tend to result in the eventual reappearance of the symptoms.
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This Month at Healthy Being...

The big news is that my online course for The List is finally up and running. You can read more about it above or by clicking on the banner below.

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"The List - The Art of Constructive Manifestation" book is also available, now in its second edition.

Also, an expanded edition of The Beginner's Guide to Body Electronics will be available in 2024. You can grab the last few copies of the current edition at the old price while they last.

My pages about natural approaches to fertility, pregnancy and childbirth also continue to be popular. You can read a preview below.


What is Body Electronics?

Contrary to what may be suggested by the name, Body Electronics, there are no gadgets or electrical devices used. The name simply refers to the innate electrical or electronic nature of the body and the method and benefits of removing blockages and alterations to the flow of nerve impulses and other forms of communication in the body.


What is Pointholding?

Pointholding is one of the main therapeutic aspects of Body Electronics. It usually involves applying finger pressure to a region of the body with the intention of helping dissolve crystals underlying that area. These crystals interfere with nerve impulses and other forms of communication in the body.



What is a Healing Crisis?

Healing Crisis is the reversal of a previous disease process, entailing the temporary reappearance of old symptoms as the body heals itself. These may be thought of as "cleansing reactions" but may extend far beyond physical symptoms into the re-experience of emotional and psychological states that accompanied various traumatic experiences in life.


What May Happen During a Body Electronics Healing Crisis?

During the reversal of previous trauma or degenerative conditions, absolutely any symptom that has been previously experienced may surface again until such time as the healing crisis is completed. For example, if there have been headaches, nausea, pain or constipation, etc, these same things may re-appear during healing crisis. Emotional and psychological states, such as anxiety, depression, anger, etc may also resurface, typically unexpectedly and without seeming explanation until such time as the healing crisis is complete.


The List - The Constructive Art of Manifestation

As many people who have faced serious health or life challenges can attest, it can be as if the carpet has been pulled out from under you. So it is also in Body Electronics when you experience a change of consciousness; all that is familiar can become foreign.

At these times, The List is a powerful tool to help restore/create order in your life.

Revealed to Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics, through prayer, The List is a transformational tool in its own right and the perfect companion to your personal path.


Environmental Toxicity

The environment we choose to live in may have a significant effect upon our health. In particular, there are a number of toxic substances we may be exposed to, which can cause severe disruption of bodily functions. These may include heavy metals such as mercury and fluoride, commonly added to drinking water by well-meaning health authorities, to name but two. Pesticide use in farming is in a similar category. The novel science of Genetic Engineering also poses a significant threat to life.



You could be forgiven for thinking that organic farming is a new fad, but in fact it was the only way food could be grown until around the 1930's, when petrochemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides came into use. Traditionally, if you wanted a big profitable crop the only way to do it was to invest in the inherent health of the plants and soil, which of course means greater nutrient density in our food.


“Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level he will be bound to the physical.”

John Whitman Ray

Essential Books

A book can often provide only a small insight into what may be a person's life work, so a truly comprehensive treatise on health can be hard to find. The only answer is to seek out books and lots of them, to compare approaches, "join the dots" between researchers, discover success stories and glean the sometimes rare tidbits to round out your understanding.

At first you may find only contradiction and look for the "right" and "wrong", but as you begin to understand the uniqueness of each person, the possible causes of illness, the true path to health and that there is more at work than diets and techniques you may gradually perceive a much bigger picture.

Ok, I'm a bookworm and proud of it! But the fact remains that the richness of any practitioner's skills comes from their diversity of understanding, not just a single dogmatic belief. The same is true for anyone on the path to self-healing. You need to research until you find what works for you - it may take a combination of many things to unlock your unique health picture.

So visit Essential Books, my recommended reading list, or you may wish to go straight to Fishpond in NZ or Australia if you want to do your own searching.

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I write my own books to fill the gaps where others have not written. You can see some of them here on my Products page.


Natural Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you were going to run a marathon or go on a long journey, you’d prepare for it, right? In fact, you know that the better your preparation, the better the experience. Natural fertility, pregnancy and childbirth are no different.

The prevailing "wisdom" seems to be that conception, pregnancy and childbirth are mere biological processes to be "optimised" or controlled. These wonders of life are thus relegated to “mechanisms” and chemical cycles, with a bit of random chance thrown into the mix. Biology and physiology are elevated to excessive proportions, but what about timing, readiness and other realms beyond normal perception or consideration?

My perspectives on natural fertility, pregnancy and childbirth may surprise you.

Or, find out why and how a childbirth preparation course, such as The Pink Kit (now known as Birthing Better, or Childbirth Skills for All Births) can prepare both mother and father for childbirth.

Birthing Better Online Birthing Course


Christchurch Earthquakes

As I write this, a city of around half a million people is traumatised, but, in my view, this is no ordinary trauma and in fact may be some sort of blessing.

On September 4th, 2010, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch city in my home country, New Zealand. Remarkably, while there was widespread damage, not a single life was lost. Compare this to the Haiti earthquake last year, where a 7.0 magnitude event killed tens of thousands.

After some 8000 aftershocks, on February 22nd, 2011, just 3 days ago, a 6.3 quake has struck Christchurch, this time killing well over 100 people, with perhaps another 200 as yet unaccounted for. If in September we had widespread damage, now we have absolute devastation. How is this a blessing and how could anyone who has lost a loved one contemplate this? For my own part, after deep introspection I wonder how it could be anything else.




















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